"Since we installed hotel ServicePro, our service scores have increased by 52%! Our response to guest needs has improved greatly and communication across all departments is better than ever! I recommend hotel ServicePro to all hotels!"
Damion Briggs
Largo, MD

“After using hotel ServicePro for six months, we went through a QA inspection. We received an “outstanding,” the highest QA rating in our history, and our actual score was 98.66% out of a possible 100%! We credit hotel ServicePro with making a major contribution to this achievement.”
Carl Banks
West Springfield, MA

“hotel ServicePro has automated the scheduling of our Preventive Maintenance tasks, resulting in a significant improvement in our inspection scores. Our guest service scores have also improved because we are able to resolve our guests’ needs and issues before they become problems. Anytime we have questions about the software, hotel ServicePro is there to answer them, and the support we receive for the product is always timely and helpful.”
Alexandra Daro
Las Vegas, NV

"hotel ServicePro has provided us a with a detailed program to take a proactive approach to maintaining our hotels and, most importantly, taking care of our guests! Because it is browser-based, I can manage all of our hotels from my office or home!"
Maritza Figueroa
Orlando, FL

"I've used several types of these programs over the years, but this one is a total package. We have been able to cut our response time for our guest needs in half which is a very important part of keeping them happy and coming back.  It is so easy to use, and the reports help us spot trends before they become big problems for our guests. It's become a total communication tool for our staff, and we have been able to do away with the paper service call tickets all together."
Jeff French
Des Moines, IA

"This technology is a wonder! When your front desk receives a call for a maintenance problem, they log the call in hotel Service Pro, assign the task to a maintenance associate, and the system automatically sends a text message for the task! The maintenance person replies and “BAM” the work order is complete! How wonderful is that?" 
Scott Suenaga
Decatur, AL

"Just a quick note to tell you that we could not be happier with hotel ServicePro. It is everything it promised to be!  I am particularly pleased with the ability to schedule PM's on heavy equipment along with rooms and just about anything else we can think of. The tracking of trends has already proved fruitful and helped us uncover an issue of faulty equipment.  We are true believers!"
Remo Pizzichemi
West Springfield, MA